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Dale Stumbo

Americana Groove


  When the Sunshine State let go of Mr. Dale Stumbo in the summer of 1984, Dale set out on a mission with a song in his heart and a dream in his mind. Dale desperately wanted to be a part of the Nashville, TN music scene. After all, where else could one hone their talents alongside so many great names in the business? Although his grass-roots, everglades-style of raspy southern groove Americana rock is hard to describe, his feel-good antics and genuine heart make him a crowd pleaser in just about any state. He's a natural born entertainer, and his steely blue eyes smile right along with him as he playfully banters, "I'm sittin' here waitin' for my cork to go under," in his fanciful tune, Lazy River.

  From his tender slow ballads like "Where Are You", to his rockin' sultry southern rock of "Long Tall Glass of Cool Cool Water", Dale's new album showcases many genres of new-age American music. Although he claims no tie to any particular "style" of music, it's evident that all sorts of musical influences have hastened his evolution back into the music scene here just south of Middle Tennessee's Music City.

  "It's Dale Stumbo's distinct voice that ties it all together, giving the album its unique flavor. The style is hard to pin down. Stumbo calls it 'Americana groove'. It's a sound that range from upbeat and rocking pop to soulful and bluesy R&B to heartbreakingly emotive roots music," says Will Jordan in the Oct/Nov 2011 issue of Southern Exposure Magazine.

  In those early days of his musical career, Dale found himself playing his music and great cover tunes in some of Nashville's finest places. From the Bluebird Cafe, to Joe's Village Inn, to Douglas Corner....all simply honing his craft...listening and learning--and more importantly, loving his new involvement in the music scene.

  Soon thereafter, he started singing demos for other songwriters and publishing companies around town. These early moments of his career started gathering him his own gigs in the fun little musical spots in and near Nashville. He even landed an exclusive song writing contract with legendary producer, James Stroud. This pivotal move allowed him the opportunity to write music with some of the most talented names in the music industry at Stroudavarious Music.

  Not long thereafter, Dale went to work writing and running the publishing company, Gayton, and continued to play live gigs on the college circuit and all over the southeast.

  After a ten year hiatus of focusing on family and other business issues, Dale began to feel the need to delve back into the world of writing and performing music. With support from his loving wife, Jan, and two sons, DeMoss and Dewey, Dale began creating his new album, "Umbrella Man". "The title track captures the feel of the whole album right off the bat..." states Stumbo. "Even with all the powerful messages evident in the album, it still has such a fun groove resonating through it all. I just LOVE how it all turned out. I'm very proud of the creation we've made."

  Dale teamed up with other Nashville talents to help in his new project. Players and song writers such as Daryl Burgess (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill), Jimmy Carter (Delbert McClinton, John Cougar Mellancamp), Johnny Neel (Almond Brothers, Government Mule), and George Marinelli (Bonnie Raite, Bruce Hornsby and the Range) -just to name a few-all picked and played harmony in this one-of-a-kind creation.

  From his early days founding bands and guitar clubs in his central Florida town of Wildwood, to his recent re-emergence into the Nashville/Franklin, TN scene, the warm smile of Dale Stumbo is bound to show America what Americana Groove truly is...refreshing and new...and just plain fun.

  "Umbrella Man" is currently available on the website, iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon and numerous local music stores. Says music publisher, Tim Gaetano (Tangerine Moon Music), "You'll be singing in the rain and dancin' in the sun-and that's exactly how music is supposed to make you feel!"