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Dale Stumbo

Americana Groove

         About Dale

A prolific singer/songwriter known for his soulful voice and infectious melodies. Music found it's way into Dale's veins at a very young age and continues to be the force that drives him. That force has been described by his listeners as simply contagious what ever venue he's performing on. His gift of story telling enables the listener to walk side by side and through the life of the song with him.

On his new studio release "Umbrella Man" the songs take you on a journey through soulful grooves with tunes like "Umbrella Man", "You are Me, I am You", and the rockin "Coup De Ville". The ballads "Where are You" and "The Curtain Closed" take you to the heart felt places we've all been before. Dale hopes you join him on this great adventure. Feel free to ride shotgun!!!